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Integrating International Aspects In Business Courses

Educators in Colleges of Business face continual pressure to include international aspects of their disciplines when teaching their courses. This paper suggests several easy, practical, and interesting ways to supplement text material on international topics. These suggestions apply particularly to courses which benefit from anecdotes and examples, such as Management and Marketing, but may also be useful in other areas.Educators in Colleges of Business are under continual pressure to include international aspects of their disciplines when teaching their courses.

This pressure comes from three dominant sources. First, both institutions and the general public are increasingly aware of international business' growing influence and importance ("A Way to Measure," 1999; Krugman, 1993). This is evident in the immense pressure on many businesses to compete globally (Cavusgil, 1991; Ohmae, 1905; Parkhurst, 1998). Keeping a business curriculum current is critical to graduates' job placement and a program's reputation and continued ability to attract students (Celis, 1993).

Exposure to different situations likely to be encountered in international business and behavioral suggestions to use in various scenarios thus become necessary and desirable elements to be included along with more traditional course material. Second, explosive growth in internet commerce has opened global business opportunities to a vast number of smaller companies and individuals who would not otherwise have been so more.

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